closing the loop.


Returning raw materials to nature – that is the goal of organic recycling. This loop can be closed by 100% bio-based products that can be composted at the end of their product life cycle. Even if the products end up in nature by mistake or are used for energy recovery, they will not harm our plant. No microplastic is created when using degradable biopolymers, as they decompose completely according to their name. Even when burned, the carbon footprint does not increase as the CO2 was previously bound during plant growth.


Classical recycling is a good idea in theory, but not in practice. The actual recycling rate is very low, which is mainly due to challenges such as sorting purity and residual emptying. The use of recyclates is also limited. On the one hand, recyclates are not permitted for all types of products, and on the other hand, the quality of the recyclate deteriorates significantly with each cycle. Recycling should therefore be seen less as a circle and more as a spiral – downcycling is inevitable.

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